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Some Places To Visit In Croatia

 Some Places To Visit In Croatia

Some Places To Visit In Croatia ; It is one of the most important tourism centers in Europe.
Most of the population speaks Croatian, the official language.
Local time is 1 hour behind from Turkey.
Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik are the most visited cities.
A harsh climate is observed in the inner parts.
Cres and Krk are the largest islands in the country.
The European Union is Croatia’s important trade partner.
The city of Dubrovnik has been described as the “pearl of the Adriatic”.
Croatia is a country rich in biodiversity.
Croatia has a total of eight national parks.
Croatia The origin of the name “Croatia” is unclear.

Some Places To Visit In Croatia

Croatia is one of the most touristic destinations in Central Europe with its famous Medieval cities. The population of the country is approximately 4 million 300 thousand and its area is 56,594 square kilometers. Croatia, which has regions with high tourism potential such as the capital city Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik and Zadar, hosts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. If you are on a holiday in Croatia and do not know where to go, you should definitely read our article as a Croatia travel guide. Here are the must-see places in Croatia

Some Places To Visit In Croatia

Zagreb Cathedral

The colossal cathedral, the pupil of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is a masterpiece brought to the city between 1880 and 1906. Zagreb Cathedral, which was created with Gothic and Neo-Gothic architectural style, was designed by Hermann Bolle. The spiritual symbol of the city, which has a height of 105 meters, is dedicated to the Hungarian rulers St. Stephen, Ladislaus and the Virgin Mary. Impressing with its 2 magnificent towers, Agreb Cathedral should be one of the first routes of your Croatia trip.

Ancient City Walls (Dubrovnik)

The historical walls surrounding the city since the foundation of Dubrovnik were built in the 7th century. The Ancient City Walls, which were created for the protection of the city, were made of stone and rock. The walls, which are shown among the greatest fortification systems of the Middle Ages, were created in a magnificent way that they could never be passed. Its length is 1,940 meters and its height is exactly 25 meters. The region, which has been listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage since 1979, should be included in your Croatia travel guide. You will be fascinated by the city walls that encircle the city as far as it goes and which looks like a thick set.

Plitvice Lakes

It is a visual paradise between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, formed by several lakes located very close to the border of the two countries. Covering an area of ​​294.82 square kilometers, the region is renowned as one of the oldest national parks in Southeast Europe. The region is healthy and full of karstic formations in general. It has been designated as one of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage since 1979. Plitvice Lakes, one of Croatia’s attractions, attracts more than 1 million visitors every year. There are also wonderful vegetation, waterfalls and valleys in the bosom of the region.

Diocletian’s Palace

This palace is one of the historical places of Croatia. The magnificent palace built in the 4th century is located within the borders of Split, one of the important centers of the country. The structure, named after the Roman King Diocletian, who built him, covers an area of ​​approximately 40 thousand square meters. It is 7 meters wide and the historical Roman palace is 160 meters long. It has 4 entrances and exits and 16 towers. Don’t leave Split without seeing the Roman Palace of Diocletian, one of the most touristic places in Croatia.

Pula Arena

This historic arena is located in the Croatian city of Pula and is one of the oldest structures in the country. The Pula Arena, created between 27 and 68 BC, is one of the 200 Amphitheaters that have survived since the Roman period. One of the most unique examples of Roman architecture, the work has become one of the best preserved historical areas in the country. The highest point of the amphitheater with 72 arches is 30 meters. Also behind the Croatian coin 10 Kuna is the picture of this historical arena. Pula Arena is one of the must-see structures for anyone who goes on a trip to Croatia.

Ivan Mestrovic Gallery

It is an art gallery where the works of world-famous painter, architect and sculptor Ivan Mestrovic from the USA, originally from Croatia, are exhibited. The gallery adorned with the most valuable works of Ivan Mestrovic, one of the important figures of 20th century art, is almost an art monument. The permanent collection of the gallery includes sculpture, drawing, design, furniture and architectural works. The gallery, which consists of 192 sculptures, 583 drawings, 291 architectural plans and 4 paintings, is one of the most popular art centers in Croatia.

Some Places To Visit In Croatia

Lokrum Island

This island is located in the Adriatic Sea, 600 meters from Dubrovnik, one of the historical cities of Croatia. Lokrum Island, where regular ferry services are organized, has a botanical garden and a monastery. On the island, which has enormous plants, there is a ‘Maximilian Tower’ built by the French in the name of the Austrian King Maximilian. With its historical and geographical areas, Croatia can be one of the most valuable resting areas of your holiday.

Eufrazijeva Basilica

The spiritual building, also called the Basilica of the Assumption of Mary, is located in Porec, Croatia. It is considered the most magnificent example of Early Byzantine architecture around the Mediterranean. Maintaining its originality in general, the basilica has undergone some minor changes due to the damage it received in disasters such as fire and earthquakes. The spiritual structure deployed on an area of ​​1.10 hectares was created in the 4th century. As a result of the examinations made, the basilica, which has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1997, has been turned into one of the permanent addresses of Croatia trips.

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