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Places to Travel in Rio de Jenario Brazil

 Places to Travel in Rio de Jenario Brazil

Places to Travel in Rio de Jenario Brazil ; As every summer, all eyes will be on Rio de Janeiro this summer. Although “Rio” comes to mind when it comes to beaches, the colorful carnival, people playing football on the beaches and the Christ Statue overlooking the city, Rio offers much more for the visitors.

Rio de Janeiro takes its name from a river that does not exist

According to tradition, the place, now known as Rio de Janeiro, was visited in January 1502 by Portuguese explorers, who believed that the sheep they encountered (Guanabara Bay) was the mouth of a river. They named the area called Rio de Janerio the “January River”.

Places to Travel in Rio de Jenario Brazil
Rio de Jenario Brazil

Rio was once part of a colony called Antarctic France

The Portuguese were the first European explorers of the region, but the first settlers were the French. In 1555, a French aristocrat named Nicolas Durand de Villegagnon, supported by Henry IV, built a fortress on an island in Guanabara Bay (the island still bears his name). This fort was the beginning of a colony called France Antarctica and was both a strategic base for France in the Americas and a refuge for persecuted French Protestants.

The colony was short-lived: Villegagnon was sent to the mainland and eventually returned to France after fighting with a second group of settlers over whether the blessed wines contained water during the Holy Communion. The colony briefly continued without it, but there was sectarian conflict within the colony. In 1567, the Portuguese destroyed the colonial quarter, and this move strengthened their position in the country.

The French seized the city and demanded a ransom.

Researchers discovered it in Brazil in the 1690s and found diamond a few years later. By being the closest port to the mines, Rio began to become a major hub — and the French realized this. They had already been involved in a war with Portugal, in 1710 they launched an attack with a vanguard. This team failed, but the rest of the team returned with more guns the following year.

Places to Travel in Rio de Jenario Brazil
Rio de Jenario Brazil

It has been the capital of the Portuguese Empire for almost seven years

Rio was the capital of Brazil and transferred to Brasilia between 1763-1960. But between 1808 and 1822, Rio served as a center for Portugal’s exiled royals, saving the Portuguese from Napoleon’s invasion. The prince arrived with the rest of the royal family in 1808; For the first time, a European kingdom entered the Americas and began transforming the city by establishing a medical school, national museum, national library and botanical gardens. In December 1815, Dom João made Rio the official capital of the Portuguese empire; This role continued until Brazil declared independence from Portugal in September 1822.

The memory of his hearts spent as the capital of Brazil is preserved on the flag of the nation adorned with the image of the starry sky in Rio on 15 November 1889, when the country became a federal republic.

The giant statue of Jesus is struck by lightning several times a year

Brazil’s location close to the equator makes Rio an active area for lightning; This makes the 30-meter Statue of Christ on the top of Corcovado mountain one of the favorite spots of lightning. The Brazilian Space Research Institute says it received two to four direct hits a year on the sculpture, which was completed in 1931. The lightning rod system inside the statue is used to ground the electricity, but it is not always effective.

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