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Miami Beach (Florida )

Miami Beach is a city located in the Miami-Dade county of Florida, USA.

Life at Miami Beach

miami Travel Guide You’ve always heard about Miami Beach, but it’s there to see for yourself. I recommend taking an Art Deco tour in Miami Beach to fully appreciate the unique architecture of the area. The South Beach Art Deco District is an exquisite complex of over 800 architecturally preserved buildings from the 1930s and 1940s in Miami Beach – a must see. Stay in one of the boutique and old and unique hotels – here you’ll find many of Miami Beach’s best food, nightlife and spas. It becomes a smaller version of South Beach, inviting hotels and cafes on the oceanfront of North Beach. Regardless, go for a beach walk or head to Haulover Park for fishing, cycling, tennis or golf. And of course Miami Beach’s nightlife is always an unforgettable holiday day. It will make you forget all your troubles and troubles in the world for a moment.miami Travel Guide

Hotel And Accommodation

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Miami Beach: 562 hotels and other accommodation

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