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Travel Information About London England

 Travel Information About London England

Information About London England

Information About London England ; London, the most populous city in the European Union, the capital of the world’s most famous royal, one of the most important centers of the world stock markets and the favorite of European youth, is a city of contrasts in every way. People from dozens of nations who want to get to know different cultures, visit unique historical artifacts and museums, and see magnificent parks and green areas always cross in London, where more than 300 languages ​​are spoken.

Not for no reason; Founded as a Roman city of several thousand people 2000 years ago, London is today a cosmopolitan city where 8 million people (12 to 15 million including its affiliated settlements) live and millions of people visit each year. It is the intersection of international tourism and the city with the highest air traffic in the world. The River Thames divides London, which is full of greenery, into two sides. Heathrow is the largest of the 5 international airports in the city. Heathrow is the world’s largest passenger airport.

Information About London England

Getting to London

As London has been the capital of the British royal family for centuries, today it is home to some of the most important royal treasures. The Queen’s home, Buckingham Palace, as well as the London Tower, where royal treasures are displayed, Kensington Palace, the home of Lady Diana, are some of the city’s royal buildings.

London is also a city of culture, home to the world’s most important works of art and historical remains. The Tate Gallery of Modern Arts and the National Gallery, which displays classical painting fascinates visitors with its unique tables, the British Museum, including Turkey, many thousands of visitors every day who come from countries with historical artifacts are welcome.

This is not only; London is the world’s most important musical city after New York. Musicals that appeal to people of all ages, such as Cats, Phantom of The Opera, and Chicago, bring a cultural breeze to London’s nights. For Shakespeare enthusiasts as well as contemporary musicals, it is possible to take a trip to the theater where the most important plays of the period are performed on the south side of the city and to watch magnificent plays.

London, UK Travel Information

Face Measure: 1.577.3 square kilometers.

Population: 8 million (metropolitan area 12-15 million)

Travel Destinations in London, England

Education: There are numerous language school alternatives in England, the cradle of English, one of the most spoken languages ​​in the world. Being the richest city in this sense, London has a wide range of language schools. The city, where you can find language schools that appeal to people of all ages and suitable for every budget, is home to more than 30 universities.

Visa: England applies 2 types of visa to those who want to go for education purposes. Students who will study under 6 months receive a Student Visitor Visa – Visitor Student Visa. This visa is given for 6 months even if the education period is shorter and cannot be extended. Student Visa – Student Visa is applied for education over 6 months. The visa period is granted to cover the duration of study and is usually 2-4 weeks longer. A student visa is an extendable visa and includes a work permit. Students who receive this visa also obtain a legal part-time work permit. tourist guidance

Information About London England

Work: Students who will study with a student visa can work part-time for 20 hours a week in jobs they find themselves. The quality and earnings of the work to be done vary according to the student’s language level and skills related to that job. Intermediate and above students can find a job more easily. Students who usually work in places such as cafes, restaurants, bookstores can easily get their pocket money during their education.

Currency: England’s currency is “Pound-Sterling”. It consists of 1 pound and 100 windows. Coins come in the form of 1 penny, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 pence, 1 pound, 2 and 5 pounds. In Great Britain, only Scottish money issued by the Bank of Scotland in Scotland is used. It is the same as the British pound, but only the color and design of the banknote is different. Conversion of convertible currencies such as dollars into Pounds is done by almost every bank and currency kiosks. However, since there is a high commission, converting all your money into Sterling before going to the UK will prevent you from losing money.

Climate: The city, famous for its rains, has a humid marine climate. Summers are cool and winters are mild. Snowfall can be expected especially in winter. It rains throughout the year. Precipitation occurs mostly in November. Average temperature is 17 ° C in summer and 6 ° C in winter.

Clothing: It is recommended that you always have a raincoat and an umbrella with you as it rains throughout the year. You should wear thin clothes in summer and thick clothes in winters. Jacket and tie may be required in upscale restaurants.

Information About London England

London, England

Health: Living or traveling in the UK does not pose serious health risks, you may only have colds, flu or rheumatism caused by dampness and cold. Food-related practices are very strict, so you will not have a problem with nutrients. Tap water is drinkable, but it will take some time before you can get used to its taste.

Transportation: As London is one of the most populous cities in the world, the poor settlement increases your possibility of getting lost in the heart of the city. Our recommendation to you is to take a London map with you when you go to London.

In London, the metro (Heathrow Express), bus and taxi are used. The most preferred means of transportation in London’s heavy traffic is the metro. Although you can reach many parts of London quickly and comfortably by metro, the prices are higher than the bus. Taxi is the most luxurious means of transportation. Since it is very expensive, it is not preferred especially by students.

London is divided into 6 regions in circles covering each other; Transportation fees vary according to these regions. The most economical means of transportation is the weekly Travelcard (for metro and bus) or Busspass (only for the bus). Students can benefit from 30% discount on weekly Travalcards and Busspasses with their passes from London transportation.

Here are the 5 most famous Shopping Streets :

Oxford street
Regent Street
Bond street
Kings Street

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