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Choosing a Sleeping Bag For Camping

 Choosing a Sleeping Bag For Camping

What Should We Pay Attention To When Choosing A Sleeping Bag

Of course, there are many things we need to be aware of when choosing a sleeping bag for camping. Of course, many of these vary according to the person’s own comfort and needs. I will tell you under a few headings in order of importance.Choosing a Sleeping Bag For Camping

Topics to Pay Attention to in Sleeping Bag

Choose a sleeping bag suitable for the geography and season you will travel

The weather may change depending on the climate and geographical location of the place where you will camp. For this reason, you need to buy a sleeping bag according to the following degrees.

Category      Rank
 Summer       0 ° C - 15 ° C
 3 Seasonal   -2 ° C -15 ° C
 Winter       -15 ° C - -40 ° C

The Importance of the Outer Surface of the Sleeping Bag

The outer fabric of the sleeping bags is also one of the least important things to consider when choosing. When choosing outer fabric, it is necessary to evaluate in terms of water resistance, breathability, lightness and tear resistance.

Decide what filling material you need

The most commonly used filling materials in sleeping bags are synthetic fillings and goose down. There are situations where these types of fillers are advantageous and disadvantageous compared to each other.

Choose a sleeping bag with suitable features for backpacking

Since the weight of the bag is extremely important, especially when traveling by bicycle, motorcycle or backpack, sleeping bags that take up less space and are light should be preferred. The materials of sleeping bags affect their weight and volume. Goose down sleeping bags are lighter than synthetic-filled sleeping bags and take up less space. However, summer sleeping bags are often smaller than winter sleeping bags. It is necessary to pay attention to such factors when choosing a sleeping bag, especially when traveling with backpacks, bicycles and motorcycles.

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