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Benefits of Cycling Why Should We Use It ?

 Benefits of Cycling Why Should We Use It ?

Benefits of cycling ; Although the bicycle, which was one of the indispensable ones in the past, leaves its place to the car today, it has some beautiful aspects that will never replace it. Let’s find out what these are,cycling benefits

Why Should We Use Bicycle ?

Benefits of Cycling Why Should We Use It ?

Burns More Calories Than Walking Benefits of Cycling

If your goal is to lose weight and exercise, cycling may be more beneficial than walking. Cycling at a speed of 25 to 30 km per hour will burn about 850 calories in an hour, while a person walking 6.5 km per hour will burn 350 calories in the same time. However, it should be kept in mind that the benefits of exercise vary from person to person, and no matter what, exercising will be more beneficial than not exercising at all.

Benefits of Cycling Why Should We Use It ?

Can Extend Life

As it reduces the risk of death, one of the benefits of cycling is to prolong life. In a study conducted in Denmark, the use of bicycles reduced the death rate from all causes by up to 39%.

  • Safer Than Driving and Walking. …
  • It Can Extend Life. …
  • Burns More Calories Than Walking. …
  • Work Productivity Increases. …
  • It is a Low Intensity Exercise. …
  • If You Do Not Know How To Cycle, You Are Not Alone. …
  • You Can Test Your Own Limits. …
  • Makes You Happier.

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