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Akyaka Forest Camp (Muğla)

 Akyaka Forest Camp (Muğla)

Akyaka Forest Camp ; Muğla, Akyaka is the place that I personally love as much as I can spend my life from my young age to old age.

As a walker who has traveled almost from the beginning to the end of this camping area, it plays in the first place for me.

From the moment you step into the field, you lose yourself in that green and blue. It was like a dream to me. There is a great view to the sea from the camping area, the forest on one side and the deep blue sea on the other should be paradise.

In fact, when we first came here we walked so that it would be difficult to come back, we asked someone who was returningto take us too, thanks an older brother who took us with him, but this time he left us on the

down path of the forest camp and we walked in the same way.

Akyaka Forest Camp

You can definitely walk around here, but you will experience Akyaka like this. There is a toilet, market, electricity in the camping area. The camping area is operated at different prices according to the season throughout the year. Suitable for tent and caravan camping. About 70 km from Dalaman Airport to Akyaka.

Which is one of Turkey’s most popular camping area Akyaka Forest Camp is usually visited by lovers of nature found in neighboring provinces. Providing daily activities, tent camps, bungalow camps and caravan camps, Forest Camp continues to attract attention with its hidden bays.

The Forest Camp, which is within walking distance to the Azmak River and the Woman’s Azmak, offers its visitors cool and pleasant moments in the heat of summer.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı Akyaka-Forest-Camp-1024x1004.jpg
Akyaka Forest Camp
Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı Akyaka-Forest-Camp-1-930x1024.jpg
Akyaka Forest Camp

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