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Facts About the Eiffel Tower

 Facts About the Eiffel Tower

About the Eiffel Tower ; (La Tour Eiffel in French), one of the most important symbols of Paris, is one of the most famous magnificent structures in the world. It is one of the first buildings that come to mind when it comes to Paris and thousands or even millions of tourists are visited every year. About The Eiffel Tower If you are curious about this structure, which is seen as “iron pile” by Parisians and called “Iron Lady”, you can add Paris to your travel list.

About The Eiffel Tower

The history of the Eiffel Tower

The construction of the Eiffel Tower, designed by Gustave Eiffel, started on January 28, 1887, and was completed 2 years, 2 months and 5 days later, on 31 March 1889. The architect of this beautiful building is Stephen Sauvestre. The 100th anniversary of the French Revolution was designed for the world fair. The tower was originally designed for the 1888 World’s Fair to be held in Barcelona. It was designed as the entrance gate to the Paris fair, due to the rejection of this idea.

At first it was thought the tower would be on display for 20 years. After the tower was built and opened, it was criticized by local residents and artists. The thought emerged that the tower, seen as an “iron pile”, polluted the view of the city. As a result of intense criticism and complaints, the city council convenes and decides to demolish the tower. However, when the idea of ​​using the tower as a radio transmitter comes up, the demolition decision is canceled. For this reason, the Eiffel Tower has played an important role in the development of television broadcasting. Due to its ability to spread radio waves over long areas l. Its use as a signal cutter and jammer during World War II provided an advantage.

The Eiffel Tower is still used as a transmitter station today, with its 27-meter-long transmitter on the hill.

Getting to the Eiffel Tower

There are many alternatives to reach the Eiffel Tower, which is not located in the center of Paris. All public transport, private vehicles and even learnable can be reached.

If you are planning to go by subway; You can use line 9 to Trocadéro, line 8 to Ecole Militaire and line 6 to Bir-Hakeim stations. If you want to come by RER (tram), you have to take the C line and you will get off at the Eiffel Tower station.

If you want to come by bus, you will take the bus number 69 or 86 at the Champ de Mars stop. You have to get off at 82 Montessuy, 30 Tour Eiffel or 72 Pont d’lena.
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